Royal Bee Soap
Royal Bee Soap
Royal Bee Soap

Royal Bee Soap

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Our Honey Soap - Made in the USA, with organic honey!

From Man’s earliest history, honey has been known for its beneficial uses. Even the Bible speaks repeatedly of Honey. Honey was used in early Egypt to prevent wrinkles and provide moisture to the skin. Cleopatra massaged honey into her skin daily to preserve her beauty. Greek philosophers referred to honey as “The Secret of Eternal Youth.” Native Americans are known to have used honey along with medicinal and ceremonial herbs to heal the body and spirit – achieving a balance within the total person.


  • Solves dry skin problems. Soothes and hydrates while cleansing rough, dry skin.


  • Helps heal skin ailments. A unique combination of all natural ingredients that works.


  • Fights signs of aging and reduces wrinkles. Helps restore the natural moisture balance and firms skin for a natural youthful look.


  • Not greasy and safe for any skin type, even sensitive skin.


  • No added perfumes, fragrances or harmful chemicals.


  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Ingredients: Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Water, Glycerin, Organic Honey, Sea Salt, Citric Acid

    Size 5oz (142g)

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