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Great Products!!!

My sister in Vermont actually suggested Honey Bee products, I love them!!! Moved to Florida almost 3 years ago, a lot of painting, landscaping and thorough cleanings, I kinda forgot about ME!!! I will continue to buy Honey Bee!!! Thanks for a great product!!!!

Always love your cream. Been buying it for years. It makes good stocking stuffers too.

soothing repair cream

keeps my dry skin from breaking down and splitting open. Was introduced to this cream and now don't want any other creams. Have ordered 2 times and shipping is fast and realiable.

Great Skin Cream

I love this skin cream! It feels good, smells nice, and makes my skin feel soft. It is also a great value.

I have been using this for over a year and I love it

Great product & even better glad my Facial Lady introduced me to Honey Bee...Karen Spriggs

Sale thoughts

The special holiday sale was great. Items came quickly, and I am very pleased. Honey Bee products are the BEST!!!

Honey Bee is a Superior Skin Cream

After shaving each morning I apply Honey Bee to my face. It cools me And keeps my face smooth.

SUPER SPECIAL HOLIDAY SALE! Honey Bee Skin Healing Cream 8oz and 2oz

Go with the pump!!

I love this cream and now with the pump I can sit it on my counter for quick moisturizer

Family Loves the Body Wash

Even Easier Shaving

Great stuff. Heals & soothes cracked hands in the winter!

SUPER SPECIAL HOLIDAY SALE! Honey Bee Skin Healing Cream 8oz and 2oz

Great Skin Cream

I love this cream. It is light and smooth. It doesn't peel like many creams I have used. It smells nice and fresh. I will definitely buy again. Great value for a great product!

Best ever!

I purchased my first jar of Honey Bee Healing Cream while on vacation in Florida in 2005. Since, then I use it every single night on my face. It goes on so silky smooth you need very little. I have bought family & friends a jar as a gift. I have no reason or desire to use anything else.

I really like this product. I have used this often and it works. I would recommend it to everyone

Great Deal

Love this cream, used to buy some every year at the NY State Fair. With this sale, got it for the same price as at the fair!

Outstanding cream!

I absolutely love the Honey Bee cream. I use it everyday. It doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin and it soaks write in. I’ve given it as stocking stuffers for the past couple years and now my adult children love it too and are requesting more. Outstanding cream!

Super Honey 16 oz.
Keith Poore
Super Duper Honey

Started using Super Honey two years ago after being introduced to it at the Marion Flea Market in Belleview, Florida. At first I was attracted to the display of products and particular the Honey Bee Skin Healing Cream. Then I noticed the Super Honey and asked about that and the sales person mentioned that it was good as a anti-inflammatory. Having arthritis in my hands that sometimes hurts when I pick up a glass of water I wanted to know more as I was tired of taking ibuprofen or similar pain reliever pills. After a few days of taking 2 teaspoons of Super Honey a day I found that I no longer need any over the counter meds for my arthritis. Last year I ran out of the Super Honey and before I purchased more of it I had to go back to over the counter meds for pain relief, but once I got resupplied with the Super Honey all is good. I will never let my supply run out again!

Super Honey 16 oz.
Robert Maleeny

Super Honey 16 oz.

I came across Honeybee during one of my trip to Florida 15 years ago. And I continued to use this product for sun burn, bug bites and for abrasions when my kids scraped their skin. My kids and I are a true believers in this product. We go through 3 to 4 jars a year ! Thank you!!

Steve b

Been using this for quite a few years I think it’s great