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Super Honey 16 oz.
John Keller
Simply the best !!

I have enjoyed the super honey in my morning coffee the last seven years and the health benefits are wonderful.


I love your lipsticks it is just sometimes difficult picking out the right color over the internet.

Great All Natural Product

This is the third refill I've gotten on this hand and face cream- its fabulous! I love that you its all natural and good for your skin. I also got the foaming face wash, which I also recommend highly. Your skin deserves the best!

Skin Healing cream and Honey Wrinkle Repair Serum

Great cream I’ve used it for years. It absorbs into the skin and does not stay greasy. Very light.

Excellent Produts--Shipped Immediately

Could not believe how fast we received the products! Love these products and the sale prices.

We love the Honey Beez.

Super Honey 16 oz.
William Stansbury
The ONLY way to start your day!!

I have been using Super Honey at breakfast for over 10 years. I am now 71 years old and in perfect health. My breakfast recipe is 10 blueberries, 2 strawberries (cut up) and 1/3 of a honey crisp apple (cut up) with 2 tablespoons of 0% yogurt over the fruit, a little cinnamon on the yogurt and then drizzle some delicious super honey over the top - mix it all together and enjoy!! My grandchildren LOVE this product and especially at breakfast.
The company is great to do business with as well.


Honey Bee lotion is worth every penny. My husband and mother both use the lotion now. Helping clear their itchy skin.

Awesome moisturizer.

I am a repeat customer…l love the product. The sale is a good value. Thankyou Honey Bee.

Royal Bee Soap
Carol Butler
Silky skin

Just love your products the soap is awesome 😊

My favorite cream

I started using Honey Bee over two years ago and now I use nothing else on my body and face. I absolutely love its healing properties and moisturizing. No more expensive perfumed body creams for me! I use it for everything including bug bites, sunburn and and beauty cream. The best! Customer for life!

My favorite cream

Great sale and the best cream.I’ve Been using for a few years now. Love the smell too!

Cream with pump

Love the pump


It’s the only lotion my husband will use! He loves it.

Honey Bee Skin Healing Cream - 8 oz. and 2oz.

Jeanne’s Bee

I use this product on my feet after every shower. It keeps my feet so soft.

New pump

Wonderful improvement to a perfect product! So convenient to use.

SUPER SPECIAL SPRING SALE Honey Bee Essentials Gift Set!

Royal Bee Soap
Angela Bolden

Royal Bee Soap

Super Honey 16 oz.
Debbie Albrecht

Super Honey 16 oz.


Amazing on your skin- not greasy
Just luxurious

Honey bee 8 oz

Excellent as always.

Honey Bee Skin Healing Cream - WITH PUMP *NEW*

Pump action

It’s fine for the most part, but you’ll still be using your finger at the end.
I like it!🤗
Arizona Bob


Honey Bee lotion is amazing