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SUPER SPECIAL WINTER SALE! Honey Bee Skin Healing Cream 8oz and 2oz

soothing cream is a dream

Simply the best for soothing relief for insect bites, sunburn, dry skin healing.

Great skin cream.. only cream that has ever worked for my edema itching skin…thank you


I've been using Honey Bee cream on my legs (under compression hose) for several years. It's a wonderful product!

I love Honey Bee!

Honey Bee has been my go-to favorite skin cream ever since I tried it at a craft fair booth years ago! Getting the 2oz size along with the 8oz jar is just a great bonus! I have given this as gifts to family members and friends, and now they don't want to use anything else either! I will be a customer forever!

Recent order

Love the product and this order. Tried the lipsticks too and really like them!! The prices were great and a wonderful addition!

Best product on the market

I have psoriasis and this cream his help me deal with a lot of the issues that go along with that as well as making my skin feels soft

SUPER SPECIAL HOLIDAY SALE! Honey Bee Skin Healing Cream 8oz and 2oz

Honey Bee cream

The order came in very quickly and my mother-in-law loves this cream as her Christmas gift.

the BEST FACE CREAM for any skin, not just problem skin

This really is the BEST product - non-greasy and ext. effective - I bought it the first time at a St. Pete Craft show - prefer it to any other cream.

Quick Delivery

Wanted to get my Honey Bee cream at arts and crafts show but looks like virus killed that. Thanks for the fast delivery. I LOVE that cream.

SUPER SPECIAL SALE Honey Hemp Face Cleanser Pack

SUPER SPECIAL HOLIDAY SALE! Honey Bee Skin Healing Cream 8oz and 2oz

great product and great service

this stuff is the greatest skin care i have found, expecially for the price, the products are very good, they do what they say they will, the service was very good thank you guys for being here for me


This stuff is amazing! Not greasy or sticky! Dries fast! Doesn’t stink! Makes your skin feel hydrated & soft!!

Best lotion ever

We love this lotion! Also ordered body wash and lip balm.They all leave your skin sooo soft:)

Awesome sale

It was an awesome holiday sale, great idea!

SUPER SPECIAL HOLIDAY SALE! Honey Bee Skin Healing Cream 8oz and 2oz

Honey Bee Healing cream

Been using this product for over 4 years and really appreciate the ingredients. Have used these ingredients separately over the years so all in one jar sounded good to me!

Healing Cream

Skin Healing lotion is the very best. It isn't greasy. It makes a big difference in the look of my hands. I get complements all the time on how good my hands look.

Honeybee skin healing cream

I love how my face feels all day long! My complexion has cleared up and looks clear and feels smooth.